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Our mission has always been a two-prong approach: supporting local small businesses while helping those in need. COVID-19 has brought financial destruction to many families which causes psychological and other stress factors. Our objective is to enable these families to put a meal on the table. We have many initiatives that we run to help families in need and to help battle food insecurity.


Gabriel Boxer is the "Kosher Guru", a leading kosher food & restaurant consultant, as well as a social media sensation with over 45,000 followers on Instagram. He operates one of the largest and fastest organically growing kosher foodie Facebook groups, "Kosher Guru's Kosher Nation". He is all about bringing anything and everything kosher to the masses in a fun-filled and kosher way. 


Kosher Guru established "Kosher Response", a project introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic,  to show gratitude and perform random acts of kindness by delivering food packages to our heroes on the front lines. Heroes including, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, EMS workers, police and other front line heroes who are saving lives and keeping us safe.


We want to say thank you to those who are at most risk and making incredible sacrifices to help others. Now it is our turn to step up and show our appreciation while supporting local small businesses at the same time.

You can now be part of this response initiative by sending kosher meals to these heroes. With your contribution, we can make a difference and show our gratitude towards those that are risking it all.

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