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Shabbos in a box

With each purchase of "Shabbos in a Box" we will send a second "Shabbos in a Box" to a family in need, or to a healthcare hero working on the frontlines over Shabbos. Show our healthcare heroes who are covering hospital shifts, saving lives over Shabbos, and daily, that we appreciate them.


Our "Shabbos in a Box" is prepared by a gourmet caterer under strict rabbinical supervision. 


Each box comes with fully catered Shabbos meals including grape juice, challah, gefilte fish, chicken dishes, cold cuts, salads, dips, desserts and so much more.

Why cook for Shabbos when you can enjoy a "Shabbos in a Box" and do tremendous chesed at the same time?!


Each box contains food for 2-3 people for Friday dinner and Shabbos lunch and costs $200. Pickup is in the 5 Towns area. With your purchase, we will provide an additional box to a local family in need, or a healthcare hero.

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