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Community Chest South Shore provides Kosher meals

There is not a day that goes by that Kosher Response isn’t helping so many families in our community and beyond. From our “Feed A Family Fuel A Restaurant” initiative that helps feed families during the week to our “Shabbos in a Box” program feeding hundreds of people each and every Shabbos to all the other wonderful services we provide. Our new undertaking at the Mark Ramer Chesed Center staffed with a certified social worker broadens what we offer and allows us to be providing what no one else is.

Thank you to all of our volunteers that help deliver smiles each and every day, we couldn’t get it done without you.

Community Chest South Shore has been supporting us since we started and we thank them for being a true partner in our mission.

Please consider joining our $1 day campaign and help us continue our mission and partner with us to do good. We need your help now more than ever!

Link to donate now:

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