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Fresh pizza delivered to the Nassau County Police Department

Huge shoutout to Efriam Dekanov and the entire staff at Bogo pizza for donating all the food today to the Police Department.

Maybe it’s because I always wanted to be a cop as a child growing up, or maybe just being taught to say thank you to the police officers who put their life on the line to protect our communities, either way I have a lot of respect for all the police officers out there. Snapple fact, I took the NYPD exam many years and almost joined the force, maybe that’s another reason I respect what they do for all of us.

Today I helped deliver lunch to the great men and women in blue at the Nassau County Police Department 4th precinct in Hewlett, NY. They were so thankful and sent a strong message of thanks to our community for all their support. Thank you Danny Gluck of the Nassau County Police Department for putting me in touch with the right people at the precinct to make this happen.

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