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Hundreds of fresh meals delivered to local hospitals

Kosher Response did it again this past Friday!

When Joe Hammer of LH Financial emailed me the other week to help sponsor Shabbos meals to our healthcare heroes, I was ok, I’ll get it done. I figured we would get 50 or so meals made and delivered. Oh boy was I wrong. In the end as Joe got the fire lit for me we had hundreds of meals made and delivered to our healthcare heroes on the front lines.

Thank you to our amazing volunteer Miri Stern who helped lead the logistics with the deliveries and Goldie Rubin who baked fresh challah rolls for all.

The Shabbos packages was in leluli nishmas Moshe Yitzchak ben Yosef Binyamin.

Thank you so many that made this happen as well. David Itzkowitz, Marty Levin and Alan Shulman of Main Event-Mauzone Caterers. Steven Shalom Vegh Marty & Melodie Scharf Gourmet Glatt Mr. & Mrs. Buzz Mayer The Leon Mayer Fund Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz

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