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Massive donations by Gourmet Glatt and Elegant Dessert NY to local hospitals

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

We originally planned on making 500 Pesach food bags. We had some amazing sponsors reach out and that number grew to 1,000 and then grew to 1,500 and in the end we made 2,400 bags in just a few short hours.

Our day started by meeting at Gourmet Glatt and picking up pallets of food and we then unloaded and went to ElegantDessertsNY to fill up 2 large SUV’s with delicious baked items.

The volunteers from North Woodmere packing by family and using social distancing packed the bags as a family fun Chesed activity.

Volunteers came from all over to deliver to hospitals all over the area. It truly was an amazing day and to see it all come to fruition was just amazing. The requests kept coming in and now we will have to start all over tomorrow and keep #kosherresponse going as we give our thanks to all the true heroes, our healthcare heroes on the front line.

Today wouldn’t not have happened with out the amazing and dedicated team of volunteers and to Joe & Miri Stern who truly made today happen.

Thank you to all!

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