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Fresh pizza delivered to our heroes at Gourmet Glatt (Five Towns)

Earlier today I was thinking, with all this going on in the world and it being Pesach and the height of the kosher shopping season upon us, how can we say thank you to the people who I’m sure don’t want to be at work but are going to work and making it possible for us to go shopping and get food for Pesach that we need. So I arranged with David's Famous Pizza a very large pizza order which they generously donated and KG2 and myself delivered it to the store employees at Gourmet Glatt Cedarhurst & Woodmere stores.

These every day heroes are showing up to work allows us to go shopping and get what we need for our families now and for Pesach. We salute you and thank you for working round the clock during this epidemic so that we can feed our families.

Thank you!

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